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Why Do Special Forces Wear Hiking Boots (9 Features)

Special forces wear hiking boots because of their durability and heavy-duty construction. Many people are curious about why do special forces wear hiking boots when there are other options available.

Well, the answer is simple. Hiking boots are best suitable for special tasks that special forces have to perform. They are more robust and provide comfort and support to feet while on missions. Especially when climbing a mountain or crossing a muddy, hiking shoes are the only ones that can help get through them with ease. 

What Kind Of Special Boots Do Special Forces Wear?

What Kind Of Special Boots Do Special Forces Wear

The best special forces boots should be able to secure the foot in position and help provide stability. Although it may look heavy-duty, but should feel soft and comfortable to feet. Here are the 9 features that are essential in the best hiking boots.


Special forces have to be on the mission and duties for long hours. This means that they have to wear their hiking boots at times for even more than 24 hours. So to avoid the build-up of sweat, it is important that the hiking shoes are breathable. This prevents the soldiers from developing foot infections and keeps their feet fresh.

Water Proof

Soldiers have to perform even in harsh weather conditions. So it is important that their shoes are waterproof. This keeps their feet dry and does not let water or filth irritate them.

Shock Absorption 

Hiking boots worn by special forces are super shock absorbing. A soldier has many harsh foot impacts and has to climb mountains and rocks, So hiking shoes have a cushioned midsole that prevents any injuries to the feet.

Slip Resistant

Hiking boots have a special outsole that makes them slip-resistant. It is made from rubber that is textured so that you can walk comfortably on wet terrain. Rubber provides friction on the ground so you can stand firmly. 


The vents and eyelets in the special forces mountain boots keep the feet dry and cool. They are a blessing during hot summers as they allow the air to cross. This prevents your feet from heating up.


Stability is one of the main reasons why hiking boots are preferred by special forces. This makes them stand confidently on rocky terrains. Hiking boots also have great ankle support. It allows freedom of movement while maintaining an upright foot condition.


The reason why special forces wear hiking shoes is that they are comfortable. They have a soft insole that provides cushioning to the feet. Also, hiking shoes are very lightweight. This reduces foot strain. So no matter how long the shoes are worn, there would be no feeling of bulkiness or heaviness.Insulation

Special forces have to spend days on icy mountains. So the hiking shoes for special forces are made with materials that provide warmth and coziness. They prevent frostbites and foot freezing, making them feel all pumped and charged up.


Hiking shoes are made with sturdy materials so that they last for years. A soldier can not afford a broken shoe in the middle of a task. So hiking shoes for forces are very sturdy and long-lasting

Final Thoughts

When somebody asks what boots do special forces wear? I say the boots that are comfortable. Hiking boots have features that complement the tough situations that soldiers have to face. They are crafted with high-quality materials to make them sturdy and durable.

So to combat tough situations, special forces wear hiking shoes. It provides them stability and confidence in difficult situations.

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