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Why Do My Feet Swell When I Wear Flats

Are you fond of wearing flats? Then you might have experienced pain and swelling in your feet at times! Confused about this? Today’s article will deal with all questions on why do my feet swell when I wear flats? If you are wearing flat shoes that provide little or no support to your arch, then it can lead to the inflammation of your plantar fascia. 

While flat shoes such as flip flops and ballet-style slippers can look nice, they can cause a lot of issues. It can add unnecessary pressure on the heel bones. Where the shoe will constantly rub against your feet, you can also develop blisters or sores. These can cause your feet to swell up as well. 

Why Do My Feet Swell When I Wear Flip-Flops?

Why Do My Feet Swell When I Wear Flip-Flops

Flip flops allow your feet to breathe and can be comfortable. However, most do not provide any support for the arch especially as they are flat in style at the sole. Your feet need to work your toes much more to walk with flip flops on. The continuous rubbing and impact on that area of your feet can make the tissue inflamed. 

While it is true that heat and hotter temperatures can also cause excessive rubbing and lead to inflammation. The biggest cause is that there is not enough arch support. Lack of adequate arch support is what can lead to your feet getting swollen, especially if you deal with plantar fasciitis. 

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So, the proper way to deal with all this is to invest in shoes that have cushioning to ward off impact to the feet and have support so that your feet are protected. The consequences of having swollen feet will be discussed in the coming paragraphs! 

Are Swollen Feet Dangerous?

Are Swollen Feet Dangerous

If you tend to walk or stand a lot in your daily routine, then swollen ankles and feet are generally not considered too dangerous. However, if you are prone to serious health concerns or if the swelling does not go away with time, then swollen feet can be dangerous. They might also be signaling a real issue. 

If you have Oedema or fluid retention, then you might want to take your swollen feet seriously. The main reasons for developing this can be getting bitten or stung by a dangerous insect, a potential blood clot, an injury, a serious infection, or even issues in your liver or kidneys. 

If any of the swollen or painful symptoms persist, you need to consult a doctor immediately so that no damage is inflicted on your feet. The real issue with swollen feet is that they might be pointing to a serious condition that you might not be aware of! 

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What Are Swollen Feet a Sign of?

What Is Swollen Feet a Sign of

While swollen feet can be one of the best indicators of being pregnant. Sometimes, you can get these due to more sinister and concerning issues. So, to answer the question of what swollen feet are a sign of, we are listing the main ones below:


This is most common for people who have diabetes or an infection caused by it. Keep checking your feet for swelling, soreness or blisters as they can be a sign of diabetic neuropathy.  

Side Effects of Medication:

Hormones, steroids, anti-depressants, and other medications can also cause your feet to swell up more than you’d prefer!

Blood Clot:

If there is a blood clot in any vein of your foot, this might be the reason why you see swelling in your feet. 

Issues with Heart, Liver, or Kidney:

Your feet and ankles can swell up because your kidney is not filtering out salt and other residues out adequately. 


In conclusion, if your feet tend to hurt if you don’t have the proper cushioning, then wearing flat shoes might not be the best thing for you!

Flat shoes simply do not have the support you need and therefore, they can cause your feet to swell up or be in pain. We hope we have adequately answered the question; why do my feet swell up when I wear flats?

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