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Why Do Guys Wear Shoes Without Socks

There are so many reasons why do guys wear shoes without socks. Some like to keep it casual while others want to avoid overheating of feet. While all of this depends on your comfort levels, still it is not advisable to go sockless very often.

Not wearing socks has its own pros and cons. You can check my article Can I wear shoes without socks for a detailed insight. Here I have discussed the reasons why guys wear shoes without socks.

7 Things to Considered Why Do Guys Wear Shoes Without Socks

1.     When It is Hot Out There

The main reason why guys avoid socks is the heat. In the summers, your feet tend to sweat more than usual. By wearing socks, you may end up worsening the heat and sweat. So, it is completely normal to avoid socks in the hot climate.  

In contrast to the above scenario, I would never advise you to not wear socks in winter or rainy weather. In the winter the socks provide you with warmth and cosiness and prevent your feet from getting cold.

2.     Length of Trouser Matters

While most of you may not have noticed, guys tend to go sockless with shorter lengths of trousers. This also gives a modest look. On the other hand, with full-length pants, you should wear socks as this gives a complete look to the attire.

3.     Occasion

Like it or not but you cannot go sockless to formal events. So, whether it’s your job interview or a professional meeting or a conference you should wear shoes with socks. Contrary to this, going to a party or a picnic you can avoid wearing socks and be as comfortable as you want.

4.     Style

While for most guys it is a matter of comfort, for others it’s about style and fashion. There are certain shoes like boat shoes, loafers, monks, slip-ons, and brogues that look more elegant without socks. These shoes look more stylish without socks.

So, the next time you see a guy without socks in one of these shoes, rest assured that they are meant to be worn this way.

5.     Breathable Shoes

The construction of the shoes matters a lot. If you want to avoid wearing socks with shoes then consider the shoes’ material carefully. Go for shoes with a mesh upper that allows ventilation of the foot. Some shoes have a breathable inner lining that absorbs moisture.

Also, the toe box is important. Make sure that the toe box is wide enough to let your toes wiggle and breathe.

6.     Use of Deodorizers

Have you ever come across a guy who never wears socks, yet his feet never stink? Well, I have a lot of time and now I know their secret. They must be using some antiperspirant for the foot that keeps the feet dry and fragrant. You can also use talcum powder instead.

Another great way to avoid socks and stinky feet is to use a cedar shoe tree. Keep them in your shoes for as long as possible. They absorb the moisture and give a nice fragrance to your shoes.

7.     No Show Socks

Well, it’s not always what you see. The guy may be wearing socks but they may not be visible to your eyes.

No show socks or invisible socks have become a lifesaver. They complement the sock-style statement and also absorb moisture. This prevents your foot from developing infections or blisters.

Final Verdict

So, I hope now you know why do guys wear shoes without socks. It’s mainly due to comfort and also style. Going sockless is the new normal these days. But this means that you have to do extra efforts to maintain your foot hygiene.

There is a thin line between style and naivety. So, make sure that you look sophisticated and your hygiene is not compromised at all.