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What is the Best Glue for Shoes?

Taking extra care of things makes them last longer but only up to certain limit. If we take an example of shoes i.e. heels, sneakers, joggers, boots etc. They also wear out after a certain period of time. But before you throw them out, you can fix your shoes by simply applying glues to the affected part. As they are pocket friendly and provide durability to your shoes.

So here in this article I have gathered some top best glues for you people so you can decide what is the best glue for shoes?

So let’s begin!!

What Glue Is Best For Shoes? Answered & Recommendations

To repair your shoes you must know what is the best glue for shoe repair, so here I have the list of some best shoe glue for your shoes.

1. Shoe Goo Repair Glue

A popular shoe repair adhesive for soles is shoe goo, it’s perfect for any kind of shoe and footwear. This product works wonders on dry, peeling, cracked heels and toes, worn-out soles, and other dry. It can stretch across a wide range of surfaces, from wood, leather, rubber vinyl and canvas.

2. Gorilla Super Glue

Gorilla super glue does a great job of adhering metal, wooden, ceramic, boots, shoes, and heels. It’s a good choice for bonding parts of your shoe together, such as leather, pleather, rubber and even harder material. It is a waterproof adhesive that resists moisture and temperature, and it’s flexible when dry.

3. Loctite Shoe Glue

Loctite Shoe Glue is one of the most versatile products for closing shoe seams and filling shoe and boot. It is shock resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures, vibrations and shocks. This adhesive can be used in a variety of ways to glue shoes, boots, apparel, accessories and other materials.

4. Gear Aid Aquaseal Shoe and Boot Repair Adhesive

Gear Aid Aquaseal Shoe and Boot Repair is specially formulated to make shoes last a long time. It is waterproof, dries as a solid rubber and is unaffected by hot and cold temperatures. The best tool for reattaching larger shoe and boot elements such as heels, soles and steel toe caps. It’s an excellent glue for shoes and works well with leather, suede, GORE-TEX and other technical material etc.

5. Krazy Glue Super Glue

 If you need to bond wood, metal or plastics then Krazy Glue is the only glue that you’ll ever need. Krazy Glue is an ideal solution for shoe repair, and can be used to fix your favorite sneakers, boots, or anything else made of leather.

6. Tuff Toe Waterproof Shoe Repair Glue

Tuff Toe Waterproof Shoe Repair Glue is a waterproof shoe repair glue that bonds to leather, rubber, vinyl, steel, cloth, cork etc. It is more flexible and resistant than most consumer grade products. You can use this product as a toe cap and shoe sole adhesive.

7. Shoe Goo Boot Adhesive

Shoe Goo boot adhesive was created to repair worn and torn boots and gloves. It provides a thick protective coating to make your boots, shoes and gloves last longer and dries clear. It attaches to leather, rubber, canvas and many other materials.

Some Tips for Choosing Best Glue for Shoes

Below I have shared some factors you should consider when choosing glue for your shoes repairing.

Flexible Bond

This ensures that the shoe keeps its flexibility and does not harden. It is better to use a flexible drying shoe glue because it keeps your seal in place longer.

Easy Application

A thicker formula and easier to use applicator, such as a brush, will prevent glue from oozing onto parts of the shoe, which would ruin them.


If the shoe glue could only be used for a short time, it wouldn’t be useful. Be sure to make sure you can still wear those repaired shoes after they’ve been repaired. 

Waterproof Formula

A waterproof shoe glue is a great way to make sure your shoes don’t get waterlogged over the winter months or rainy season. Shoe sole glue are specially used for repairing broken soles and are designed according to it.

Drying Time 

Fast drying and curing glues, like super glues, are an excellent option for small fixes, like the tiny dents in the sole of your shoes. Urethane rubber is one of the most popular materials for repairing soles, however it is best to wait until it has been fully cured.


By now you know that what is the best glue for shoes. I have shared some of the best shoe glue above to repair the torn and tattered parts of the shoes like heels, soles etc. Buy any of the above products you can easily repair your old broken shoes.