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Should You Buy Boots Half Size Bigger? The Ultimate Guide

Boots are an essential part of walking. Therefore, they should always have a perfect fit. Getting the boots of the right fit is a true blessing. If by chance, you get small boots of the wrong size, then you will always have discomfort whenever you wear them. Therefore, you must know should you buy boots half size bigger?

There are always a few factors that should be considered and kept in mind before buying boots. Boots are designed with a particular shape and size. It’s just you should always buy the ones that match the shape of your feet. 

So, now let’s dig in a little deeper to know whether it is good to buy boots half size bigger or not?

When buying boots, should I go a half size up? Expert Advice!

The size and shape of the boots vary depending on the manufacturers. Buying a half size up of the boots helps in accommodating the socks within the boots. So, for this, you should always try boots with socks before buying them.

This will let you know about the correct size that you should buy. Wearing socks with boots gives a comfortable feeling and gives a perfect fit to the feet. Therefore, it is always better to buy a half size up of the boots. 

Is it okay to have boots too big or too small?

The answer to this question depends on the type of feet that you have. If you have wide feet, then you should not have boots that are too small or narrow. Make sure that you always measure the size of your feet before buying boots for yourself.

Buying boots bigger than yourself can help you in adjusting them with socks. But make sure that you do not buy too much bigger boots. Buying too much bigger boots can cause heel slippage and blisters.

4 Factors to Consider While Buying Boots 

Here are a few factors that you should always keep in mind while buying boots of the correct size. These factors will help you get the correct size of boots for your size.

  • In Summers Buy Boots That Are of the Exact Size

In summer, you wear socks that are breathable. These socks are usually made of thin material. Therefore, for summers, you should buy boots of exactly the same size as your feet. This is because if you buy boots of a bigger size, it will have a loose fit.

  • In Winters Always Buy a Half Size Bigger

In winter, everyone tries to keep their feet warm by wearing thick woolen socks. These thick socks can make a huge difference in the fit of your boots. So, for winters, it is always better to buy boots that are a half size bigger.

  • Lace-Up System

If you have boots that have a lace-up system then it is better to buy half-size bigger boots. This is because when you tie up the laces, they will give a perfect fit to the boots. 

  • Knee Length Boots

If you are buying knee-length boots make sure that you buy a pair half size bigger. This will have enough room in them to tuck your jeans into them. 

How to Tell if Boots Fit Right?

If your feet do not rub at the back and do not feel like coming out, then this means that the boots fit right. Also, for a perfect fit, your feet should not feel any pressure or pain while walking. Moreover, if your toes do not strike the front of the boots, then you have the right fit for your boots.


I hope by now you have a clear view on whether you should have boots half size big or not. You should not always hurry while buying the boots because you can end up buying the wrong ones for yourself. 

You can also know about the correct boot size by trying them on before buying. Also, you can get the help of the size chart.

For you to feel comfortable, there should be enough room inside the boots for your feet. This will not only help you with the right size but will also give proper support and comfort to your feet.

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