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How to Wear Shoes Without Socks and Not Get Blisters

Are you tired of getting blisters on your feet again and again? It might be a problem because of wearing shoes that have a poor fit. Shoes having a poor fit are a reason behind the blisters in your feet. These blisters are painful and can also cause infections in your feet.

The blisters can also become worse by getting swelled, making it unable for you to walk. To find out how you can get yourself free from blisters without wearing socks, check out the detailed information on How to wear shoes without socks and not get blisters.

Is there a way of avoiding blisters from new shoes? 

Yes, you can always avoid blisters from new shoes by choosing the correct ones. Make sure that whatever shoes that you are buying do not rub against your feet. Also, keeping your feet dry always helps in preventing blisters.

Applying a foot cream every night before going to sleep is also another way of avoiding blisters. It is better to break in shoes sockless for a few hours. You can also use gels, sprays, balms, and bandages to avoid blisters.

Not wearing the same pair of shoes multiple days can also avoid blisters and infections.

Is it comfortable to wear shoes without socks?

Is it comfortable to wear shoes without socks

Wearing shoes without socks every day is not hygienic. It makes feet smell and causes friction between the shoes and feet. Also, it can cause blisters in your feet. In comparison, wearing shoes twice a week without socks is comfortable. You can always wear sneakers without socks. Other than sneakers, sandals, pumps, and deck shoes are comfortable without wearing socks.

4 Tips to Avoid Blisters in your Feet

Here are a few strategies that you can follow to avoid getting blisters on your feet. These strategies will help prevent blisters as well as foot infections.

  • Moisturize your heels crack from time to time.
  • Use the right pair of shoes for yourself.
  • Try to keep your feet dry.
  • Cover the area that is more susceptible to blisters.

Can you wear socks with blisters?

Once you have a blister, the best way to heal them is by providing more cushioning to them. Whenever you have blisters, it is better to cover them with a dressing. Wearing socks while having blisters can make the blisters go bad or even worse.

Is wearing shoes without socks bad?

Wearing shoes without socks is a great threat to your feet. It has a high chance of developing an athlete’s foot and some other infections. Also, it can make your feet smell. Wearing shoes barefoot can make bacteria develop inside shoes. Therefore, it is better to wear shoes with socks to keep yourself safe from disease.


With that, here are answers to all the important questions that you should know to keep your feet clean and safe from blisters. How to wear shoes without socks and not get blisters is a question that you must know about. I hope this article helps you with knowing what is best for your feet!

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