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How To Stop Shoes from Squeaking (12 Ways)

Squeaky shoes are one of the most awkward situations that you may encounter. It is not only annoying for you but also for the people around you. There is no hard and fast rule, your old shoes can suddenly start squeaking, or your new shoes may make this irritating noise. Below I have mentioned 12 ways How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking.

Now don’t worry, that does not mean that you have to throw them away. There are many ways you can fix your squeakers. But first of all, it is very important to identify the problem. Shoes may squeak due to many reasons. You may check my article on why do my heels squeak when I walk

12 Ways to Stop Shoes from Squeaking

First of all, walk in your shoes in a quiet room. Walk a few steps forward and backward, right and left, and try to locate where the problem is. Once you do, follow these steps to make your shoes squeak free.

1.     Sprinkle Talcum Powder

One of the most common reasons for squeaky shoes is moisture. It occurs due to sweating of the feet and also due to the climate. Moisture is best tackled by sprinkling talcum powder into your shoes. The best way to do it is by removing the insoles. If your insoles are unremovable, then sprinkle a generous amount of talcum powder around the margins of the insole. If you don’t have talcum powder, then you may also use cornstarch or baking powder.

2.     Stuff Your Squeaky Shoes with Crumpled Paper

Wet shoes make squishy noise due to the water. While air-drying your shoes, stuff them with either crumpled paper or newspaper. This will soak all the water and moisture. Stuffing newspaper paper also helps the shoe maintain its shape.

3.     Throw Them in a Dryer

Do you remember stepping into a puddle or wearing your shoes in the rain? Sometimes, it happens that no matter how much you air dry your shoes or stuff newspaper, some water may remain trapped. To fix this, put your shoes in a dryer for a few minutes. 

Let me tell you a trick that will protect your shoes from the heat in the dryer. Pour some fabric softener on a sponge or a washcloth and keep it in the dryer with your shoes. Run the dryer for around 10 minutes. All the water will be dried up, and your shoes will stop making any noise.

4.     Use Super Glue for Loose Shoes

Check if your shoes have a loose fit. It also happens those shoes become oversized with time, or the sole starts getting separated. If this is the case with you, then grab super glue and apply it to all the areas where you find the gap. Put some heavyweight on the area where you have applied glue and let it dry.

5.     Apply Some Lotion on the Insole

Some shoes squeak due to problems in the insole. Mostly the insole is very rough, and due to increased friction, the shoes make noise when you walk. The noise may also occur when the rough insole and foot rub against each other while you walk.

The solution to this problem is very simple. Apply some lotion or petroleum jelly on the insole. You may also use some coconut oil to lubricate your insole. This reduces friction and hence no noise.

6.     Use Pieces of Dryer Sheets

It may also happen that the insoles are too slippery and smooth. If your foot constantly slips in the shoe and results in a squeaky sound, then it’s time to go to your laundry room. Grab a dryer sheet and a pair of scissors. Cut the dryer sheet into one or two small pieces according to your insole and place it under it. The dryer sheet will fix the insole in place, and it won’t be able to slip or move.

7.     Grab A Sand Paper

If the bottom of the shoes squeak, then using sandpaper is the number one step for you. Sandpaper is usually present at home, and you can also find it at any hardware shop. Rub the sandpaper on the outsole to make it rough and grippy. If this works for you, follow this method every few days to make your shoe noise-free.

8.     Use A Saddle Soap on Tongue and Laces

Sometimes the tongue and laces rub against each other when you walk. This is another very common reason for noisy shoes and the easiest one to resolve. You may have heard of saddle soap. It is basically a conditioning soap best for leather.

For stopping squeaky shoes, rub saddle soap on the tongue. This smoothens the surface area of the tongue and prevents it from rubbing with the laces.

9.     Apply Conditioning Oil on the Outside

The most irritating squeaky sound is when the outer surface of the shoe makes it. For this, apply a conditioning oil all over the outer surface of your shoe. The oil will prevent rubbing of the surface with each other hence no squeaking.

10.  Wear Socks

If you wear shoes barefoot, then without any doubt, your shoes will squeak. When your foot comes in contact with your shoe every time you walk, there will be a squeaky noise. This could be due to friction or moisture or sometimes both. So, you should wear socks with shoes to prevent that annoying shoe noise.

11.  Spray WD40 On Outside of the Shoes

Spraying WD40 on shoe works like magic. It makes your shoes waterproof and protects them from stains and dirt. WD40 also deals superbly with squeaky shoes. It acts as a lubricant on the outer surface of the shoes. It can also lubricate the insole if it is very rough. Remove the insole, spray WD40 inside the shoe, and then on the outside. This will make your shoes squeak free.

12.  How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking on the Tile

If you have tried everything and nothing is working for you, then try and notice one thing. Are the shoes only squeaking when you walk on a particular floor? If this is so, then it’s not your shoes, but the floor is at fault.

 In such a situation, you cannot do anything with the floor, but yes, you can fix your shoes accordingly. Buy a rubber cement and apply it to the front part of your shoes. This will minimize the contact between the floor and the shoe, and there would be no squeaking.

Final Words

No doubt squeaky shoes are a big embarrassment, but that does not mean that you can throw them away. There are a few tips and tricks that work most of the time. They will help you make your shoes look stylish and noise-free.

All the 12 tips discussed in this article are tried and tested. There are very slim chances that you may have to see a cobbler to get your shoe fixed. Rest assured that the above-listed hacks will work and will give you a long relief from squeaky shoes.

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