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How To Prevent Shoes from Yellowing (6 Simple Tips)

Nothing breaks the heart more of a shoe lover than watching their favorite shoes turn yellow. But don’t freak out, as you can prevent shoes from turning to yellow very easily. This means you don’t have to throw your yellow shoes away anymore.

Shoes turn yellow mostly due to oxidation. It is a process where the material of the shoe reacts with the oxygen in the air and turns yellow. This could happen due to so many factors. But whatever the cause or reason is, follow these simple tips to prevent your shoes from turning yellow.

6 Easy Tips How to Prevent Shoes from Yellowing

Tip 1: Store Your Shoes Properly

The most common cause of shoes turning yellow is when they are not stored properly. Store your shoes in a cool, dry, and dark place. There should be no access to sunlight which is the biggest enemy, especially of the white shoes.

Store your shoes in a Ziploc or moisture-preventing bag. This will prevent air from reaching the shoes hence no oxidation.

Tip 2: Place Silica Gel packs  

Moisture is another leading cause of shoes turning yellow. When you store your shoes, make sure to place some silica gel packs in them. They are easily available in the market. Silica gel packs are hygroscopic, meaning that they can soak in all the moisture. This keeps the shoes dry and new. You can place 4 small or 1 large silica gel packs in your shoes but not more than that.  

Tip 3: Avoid Using Detergents When Washing Your Shoes

One major complaint of people is that their shoes turn yellow after washing. One of the most important reasons for this is that they use detergents when washing shoes.

Detergents that you use for washing clothes are not suitable for shoes. They remain stuck no matter how much you rinse the shoe upon air drying, the leftover detergent particles cause yellowing of the shoes. So, it is recommended to wash your shoes with shoe cleaners.

Tip 4: Don’t Leave Any Trace of Sweat  

Sweat always stains shoes yellow. If you have to wear your shoes for long hours every day and you are always on your foot, then give your shoes a break. Wear your shoes on alternate days and let them air dry completely.

Tip 5: Bleach Is a Big No

One biggest mistake that people make to make their shoes look cleaner is soaking them in bleach. This only turns shoes more yellow and is also very bad for the health of your shoe.  

Tip 6: Waterproofing and Conditioning Spray

Above all, to prevent your shoes from turning yellow, you would have to make some efforts. Clean your shoes regularly, and don’t let the dirt and moisture accumulate. After thoroughly cleaning and drying, use a waterproofing and condition spray all over your shoes. This will keep your shoes as shiny and vibrant as new.


You can easily prevent your shoes from yellowing. The key is to keep them clean. Also, avoid sun exposure as much as you can. Keep your shoes dry, and don’t let the moisture build in. So, follow these tips, so you don’t have to throw your shoes away.

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