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How to Make Shoes More Comfortable for Walking?

We often hear people saying that your shoes define you or it is the first thing which people notice about you and judge you on the basis of the footwear you are wearing! So, in order to make your personality more appealing and catchier. You opt for a different pair of shoes but what happens if you start developing foot problems due to the type of shoes you wear?

But you don’t have to worry because in this article I will explain to you how to make shoes more comfortable for walking, by choosing the right materials and using the right technique.

Top 5 Reasons for Discomfort Walking Shoes

Your favorite pair of shoes can sometimes become your enemy if they cause any kind of discomfort that may lead to severe disorders or persistent pain. Here are some of the reasons.

  1. The shoes may not be of perfect size, instead, they are too tight or too loose causing a hindrance in your work and making your walking difficult.
  2. The shoes may not be comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.
  3. The shoes may cause pain in the foot, ankle, or heel.
  4. The shoes may cause an infection in the foot, ankle, or heel due to continuous sweating and foul odor.
  5. Some shoes, if used for a prolonged period of time, cause postural changes with pain in joints, bones etc. Which causes difficulty in walking.

10 Easy Ways to Make Shoes More Comfortable

The following are some easy ways to make shoes more comfortable and avoid unpleasant discomforts.

1. Right Size and Width

Your best bet for finding a pair of comfortable shoes is to get the correct size and width. You may think you have your size, but research indicates that more than half of adults wear shoes in either the wrong length or width.

2. Moisture absorbent socks

Moisture absorbent socks are essential for any runner. Particularly if you plan to spend time outdoors or in warmer climates where your feet are prone to sweating.

They are made of synthetic materials, which help transfer wetness to the outer layers. These can be found in deodorant for men.

3. Antiperspirants

Body deodorants contain ingredients that help to fight bacteria, keep your body warm and dry, and absorb moisture and perspiration.

Apply deodorant to your feet to help prevent the formation of blisters and other painful conditions. You can use baby powder to absorb moisture and minimize rubbing.

4. Shoe Stretchers

If your shoes are tight, shoe stretchers can be useful. They can help expand the material so that the shoes can fit better. If your flats, loafers, dress shoes, pumps, or leather sneakers are a little tight, these handy shoe stretchers will help to expand the material.

5. Use Blow Dryer

The blow-dry method works on full-grain leather, suede, and patent. They’re super soft and have a comfortable fit, which will make your shoes last longer

6. Taping your Toes

The best way to make shoes more comfortable for standing is to tape your toes. There are a lot of nerves connected to the ball of your foot. They can become inflamed when you’re standing and walking around in certain types of footwear.

Your thighs can be relieved of some of the tension by putting the tape around them. Masking tape can be used but athletic tape works well for a lot of things, especially if it’s a larger surface area.

7. Orthotic Inserts

Orthotic inserts are medical footbeds that are inserted into the shoes to provide flexibility and strength to your shoes. Orthotics can be used to improve range of motion, reduce pain, and improve the function of the joint.

8. Heel Grips

Heel Grips are a type of shoe insert. They stick into the back of the heel instead of the shoe. They’re often made of moleskin, gel or another thin cushioning.

There are many types of heel grips. Some shoes cause discomfort, blisters, calluses and heel pain. To overcome these effects heel grips are used.

9. Use Memory Foam 

You might prefer to use orthotic insoles that contain memory foam. Which will remember the shape of your foot to ensure that your shoes are evenly supported. Memory Foam should be part of everyone’s health routine for many reasons.

10. Gel inserts

Extra-thin transparent and soft inserts for extreme comfort in high heels. They’re waterproof, come in packs of 20, and are self-adhesive and washable. They can be used in every type of shoe. Especially in open shoes or sandals.


So, now you know how to make shoes more comfortable for walking. Shoes that fit well, are comfortable and support the foot are the best. Every active person needs a good pair of shoes, and they can be an excellent investment.  

They also offer a lot of other benefits such as making the wearer look and feel better. Which can help them perform better at work. If you’re looking to buy new shoes for comfortable walking, consider this article which will give you detailed knowledge about what makes a shoe good for walking.