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How To Keep Sand Out of Running Shoes | (7 Easy Steps)

Running on beaches is one of the best-proven ways to keep yourself fit and healthy. It is not only therapeutic physically but also mentally. But as relaxed as you may get on the beach, your inner peace can be easily ruined by the sand that starts accumulating in your shoes.

Sand in running shoes is always very frustrating and disgusting. Not only this, it ruins your running experience by irritating the foot. The sand particles cause increased friction and a burning sensation in your foot. But don’t worry, have a look at the simple tips and tricks and enjoy a sand-free running experience at the beach.


Will Running on the Beach Ruin My Shoes?

Will Running on the Beach Ruin My Shoes

No, the beach does not ruin running shoes. It’s just that you have to take special care of your shoes. But first and foremost, let me clear one thing, running shoes are an ideal choice for running on beaches. I have seen people opting for sandals and flip-flops because they can’t deal with sandy shoes. But all this will result in long-term foot problems.

Stop stressing about your shoes getting ruined and focus more on how to clean sand off shoes. Follow these simple steps to keep your shoes clean and tidy.

Step 1: Remove the Insole

First things first, before doing anything to get rid of the sand, get rid of the insoles first. Take the insole out of the shoe, shake it to remove any dust, and keep it aside.

The reason for removing the insole first is that the sand gets stuck behind it. The area behind the insole is very difficult to be seen otherwise, so you must remove the insoles first. Another major disadvantage of not removing the insole is that the dirt will deposit behind it when you will submerge the shoe in water and be very difficult to clean.

Step 2: Shake Rigorously

Once you have removed the insoles, turn the shoes upside down and beat their soles against each other to tap all the sand out. This is one of the best ways to remove the sand from all the tough corners, which are very hard to be reached otherwise.

Step 3: Beat Them Against the Wall

Turn the shoes upside down and beat them against each other first for a few seconds. You have to do this by hitting the soles against each other.

If your shoes are sturdy enough, then beat them against the wall. What works best for me is turning the shoe upside down and hitting the toe area and the heel area against the wall. Almost 80% of the sand will be removed by now.

Step 4: Use A High-Pressure Hose

One of the secret tips of mine is putting the shoe under a hose or a faucet. The high pressure will reach the hidden areas. This hack is also very useful in removing the deeply embedded sand.

The procedure is pretty simple. Keep the shoe under the water and allow the water to flow in the opening. Drain the shoe once it is full, and repeat the process until you are satisfied.

Step 5: Time for a Washing Machine Trip

Washing your shoes once in 2 or 3 months is vital for your shoe’s health and your foot’s health. But before running them in a washing machine, make sure that your shoes are sturdy enough to withstand the washing machine trip.

Washing shoes will not only remove the sand and dust but also other dirt that may have accumulated with time. Your shoes will be as clean and shiny as new.

If you don’t have a washing machine or if your shoes are not sturdy enough to withstand a washing machine trip, then submerge them in water for a few minutes. Now take them out, fill the tub with fresh water, and again submerge them. After this, let your shoes dry.

Step 6: Vacuum

If you have a hand vacuum, then it will be very easy to dry your shoes. The vacuum will also suck up any leftover sand particles. You can also use a vacuum to suck sand from already dried shoes.

You can also skip washing and just jump to vacuuming after removing the insoles and beating the shoes against the wall. I use this trick every second day as I wash my shoes only once every three months.

Step 7: Put Them in the Sun

If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, don’t worry. Keep your shoes in the sun and allow them to dry on their own. Running shoes with mesh uppers hardly take a day to get dried.

Either you vacuum or air-dry your running shoes, the key point is to dry them. Don’t take even slightly wet running shoes to the beach as they will catch more sand, and the whole of your hard work will be in vain.

No Matter What, But You Will End Up with Sand in Shoes

how do I prevent sand in my shoes

I know the question still persists in your mind that “how do I prevent sand in my shoes?” Well, there are few tricks that you can follow to keep sand away from your shoes.

  • Go For Running Shoes with Closed Mesh

Shoes with a breathable mesh upper are best for running on a beach. Mesh fabric attracts less sand. Also, make sure that the running shoes have a closed mesh. Open mesh means an open invitation into the shoes, so you have to avoid them.

  • Run On Wet Sand

Another way you can avoid sand in your running shoes is that you can run on the wet sand. It is soft and even so you can have a very nice and smooth-running experience.

  • Beach Type Matters

Go for beaches that have even and flat sand surfaces. Rocky areas with uneven terrains will cause entry of the sand into your shoes. Beach type also affects your overall running experience, so you have to choose it wisely.

  • Avoid Windy Days

If you don’t like sand at all, then going to the beach on a windy day is a big no for you. The sand will deposit very badly in your shoes on days when it’s all breezy, so it’s okay to take a little break on such days.

Final Verdict

There are few preventive measures that you can take to keep sand out of your running shoes. But let’s be honest, you cannot skip sand on a beach. But it’s not that of a big deal, you just have to take care of your shoes daily.

Focus more on the calm, soothing, and peaceful atmosphere of the beach. Beach heals the soul, and that makes accepting little sandy shoes worth it. 

You could also enjoy the beach barefoot, and do your running on asphalt.

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