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How To Fix Damaged Suede Shoes? | 10 Easy Steps

Suede shoes are never out of fashion. They look so classy and trendy that they make the perfect choice for creating long-lasting impressions. But as much as they look elegant, many people avoid using them due to their maintenance.

It’s just a myth that suede shoes require a lot of care and have to be taken to professionals every now and then. You can not only maintain but even repair your suede shoes at home by just following some simple steps. But remember, you have to be consistent and vigilant. So, follow the following 10 steps to fix damaged suede shoes and enjoy wearing clean and shiny suede shoes every day.

Step 1: Buy A Suede Repair Kit

Well, technically, this is not the first step, but logically it is. You have to buy a suede repair kit for your suede shoes. It contains a suede brush, a suede eraser, and a color care spray. A suede repair kit may sound fancy, but it is inexpensive. You may find alternates for the pieces of equipment it has, but a kit may cost you around not more than 10 dollars. Buying a suede repair kit is a one-time cheap investment and a must for your suede shoes’ durability.

Step 2: Stuff Newspaper or Crumpled Paper in the Shoe

Before starting repairing your suede shoes, stuff them with crumpled paper or newspaper. This toughens up suede so you can work easily. This also makes tough areas more accessible so that no place is left unattended. 

This trick also works best when you have to fix wet suede shoes. Stuffing crumpled paper helps the suede retain its shape, which would otherwise be destroyed by water. Also, the paper soaks in water, making the drying process quick.

Step 3: Brush the Suede

To restore suede shoe nap, brushing is the most important. Invest in a good suede brush that has a firm handle and soft bristles. Brushing prevents sticking and clustering of the fibres, so your suede remains smooth and shiny.

Brushing the suede also removes dirt and stains. Brush the suede shoes in one direction for removing the surface layer of dirt and also light stains. For removing deep-seated stains and the layer of dirt that is deposited beneath the surface, brush the suede back and forth.

Step 4: Use Suede Eraser for Stubborn Stains

Some stains are very tough and are not removed by brushing. Now is the time to use the suede eraser that comes with your suede repairing kit. Rub the eraser on the stain. Apply some pressure and keep rubbing until the stain is gone.

Step 5: Apply Rubbing Alcohol or Vinegar on Stains

Some stains are very tough and do not vanish easily. You cannot use water to remove stains as water itself leaves a stain on the suede. So, for such stains, I like to use rubbing alcohol or vinegar. They are present in every kitchen, so it is a very cheap hack.

Take a cloth (preferably cotton or any other washcloth). Pour some rubbing alcohol or vinegar on it and rub the stain. Once the stain is gone, let the suede dry completely. After the suede is dry, brush the area vigorously to fluff up the suede again.

Step 6: Extra Tips for Some Special Cases

Some stains like that of water and grease do not come off easily. For grease, sprinkle some talcum powder or cornstarch over the stain and leave it overnight. Then brush the powder off, and the stain will be gone.

For water stains, take a wet cloth and rub it over the stain and allow the suede to dry.

If you have gum stuck on your suede shoes, don’t worry. Keep the shoe in the freezer for a couple of hours. Once it is hard, take it out and scrap using a knife.

Step 7: For an Extra Smooth Texture Use a Razor

You may have heard it for the first time, but this hack is a lifesaver. With time, the nap of the suede becomes stringy and rough. So, the best way to fix rough suede is to peel it with a razor. Razor removes all the extra strings and unevenness. After shaving with a razor, brush the suede in one direction with a suede brush to restore the nap.

Step 8: How to Restore Faded Suede Shoes at Home

Suede loses its luster with time. But this does not at all means that you have to throw the shoes away. Grab a white cleaning cloth, dip it in rubbing alcohol and rub it all over the suede. Let the shoes dry completely and repeat this procedure one more time. Once the shoes are dry, brush the nap with a suede brush. This will give you very shiny and smooth-surfaced suede shoes that will look better than new ones.

Step 9: Use Suede Shampoo

Suede shoes actually do wonders. It is an amazing way to keep the suede fresh and soft. Suede shampoos are also a great way to render luster and smoothness to the suede. You should use it once in at least 6 months for outstanding results.

Step 10: Apply A Suede Protectant Spray

Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away; a good suede protectant spray keeps your suede shoes away from all the destruction. Once you are done and satisfied with the suede’s cleaning process, apply a suede protectant spray all over. Let the shoes dry and repeat the procedure once or twice more.

Suede protectant spray repels dirt and stains. You may also opt for waterproof suede protectant spray that will prevent water stains that are very difficult to remove otherwise. There are also recoloring sprays available for suede that are not very expensive, and the end results are remarkably amazing.


Suede is a material that requires some extra attention and needs to be taken care of very gently. The above 10 steps to fixed damaged suede shoes will not only make the shoes look better but will also help them age better. All these methods are very cheap and can be easily done at home.

So don’t hesitate to buy suede shoes. They are indeed a class apart, and the little maintenance they require is totally worth it.

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