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How to Clean White Shoelaces with Peroxide?

If your favorite pair of shoes are starting to look a little dull, it might be time to clean the shoelaces. White shoelaces can be particularly tricky to keep clean, but with a little peroxide, they can look good as new. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean white shoelaces with peroxide, as well as some additional tips to keep them looking their best.

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How to Clean White Shoelaces with Peroxide? Step by Step Guide

Here are the few easy steps you need to take and clean white shoelaces with peroxide.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

To start, gather your supplies. You’ll need a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a bowl or cup, and an old toothbrush. You might also want to lay down a towel or newspaper to protect your work surface.

Step 2: Mix the Solution

Next, mix together a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide and two parts water in the bowl or cup. Dip the toothbrush into the solution and then scrub the shoelaces, focusing on any areas that look particularly dirty.

Step 3: Scrub and Rinse the Shoelaces

Once you’ve given the shoelaces a good scrub, rinse them off with cold water. You can let them air dry or pat them dry with a clean towel.

Step 4: Repeat the Step

If your shoelaces are still looking a little dull, you can repeat steps two and three until they’re as bright as you want them to be.

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Some Additional Tips:

  • If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide on hand, you can also use vinegar or baking soda to clean your shoelaces.
  • If your shoelaces are extra dirty, you might need to let them soak in the cleaning solution for a few minutes before scrubbing.


With just a little peroxide, you can easily clean your white shoelaces and make them look new again.

Be sure to follow the steps above and don’t forget to rinse them off afterward. With a little care, your shoelaces will stay clean and white for a long time. And, if you’re dealing with tough stains, remember that a toothbrush can be your best friend.

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