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How to Add Cushion to Shoes?

To protect your feet, it is very important that you choose the right size of shoes for your feet as they are a crucial part of your body. In order to choose the right type of footwear, you need to check the features of your shoes first.

You can also add cushions to your shoes to prevent any discomfort as cushioning your shoes will help to reduce the impact of shocks and vibrations. Mostly used by the runners or by trackers because of constant pressure on the foot. So, in this article, I will tell you how to add cushion to shoes.

6 Benefits of Adding Cushion to Shoes

There are many benefits of adding a cushion to shoes. But I have mentioned the top 6 benefits of adding cushion to shoes below:

  • Cushioning can make shoes more comfortable to wear.
  • It can also help reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Additionally, adding a cushion to shoes can make them more stable and less likely to fall off.
  • They improve the durability of the shoes.
  • It can also help to prevent blisters and other foot injuries. 
  • Cushioning material should be selected based on the type of shoes you will be wearing. 

Types Of Cushions for Shoes       

Memory foam cushions

They are denser than gel cushions and are more resistant to compression. They are also more comfortable and are more durable than gel cushions. 

Thin foam cushions 

They are less dense and more compressible than regular foam cushions. These are less durable than regular foam cushions.

Sole pads 

There is another type of cushion that can be added to the insole of a shoe. They come with either foam or gel padding, and they can be added to the top or bottom of the shoe sole. They can be used to add padding to the bottom of the foot, which helps prevent injuries.

Gel Cushion

The heel cup can be a good option for people who want to wear heels, but it’s not always comfortable. A gel cushion that is sewn into the back of the heel cup can be an effective way to add comfort and stability to your shoes.

How to Cushion your Shoe Step by Step Guide

The following step-by-step guide will help you to cushion your shoes more effectively. Let’s get started!!

Step 1: Make Sure Shoes are in Good Shape

The first thing to do is to make sure that your shoes are in good shape and that they are not worn out. If the shoes are worn out or if they have a hole in them, then you should replace your shoes as soon as possible.

Step 2: Loosen Up the Shoe Laces

Now loosen up the laces of your shoes or completely remove the laces so that it doesn’t cause any hindrance in your way.

Step 3: Clean your Shoes with Damp Cloth

Clean your shoes with a damp cloth or with any detergent water and let them air dry so they can be completely clean before introducing new insoles for cushioning material of any kind.

Step 4: Take Out the Insoles

Now take out the insole of your shoes and apply glue over the top of it and put your shoe cushion in parallel with your insoles such that it can provide a permanent fix over your insole.

Step 5: Put Insole with Cushioning Material

Now put the insole with cushioning material inside your shoes and fix it properly over your insole.

Step 6: Put Some Heavy Objects on Shoes (Optional)

You can also put some heavy objects over your shoes for a few minutes such that they can be properly fixed in your shoes.

Step 7: Attach your Shoe Laces

Now after putting the cushioning material attach your lace and you are good to go with your shoes on.

And that’s it! You’re now good to go with your cushion shoes.

Some Additional Tips

Use a Piece of Craft Foam 

For your stiletto heels use a piece of craft foam, and cut a thin strip that will wrap around the inside heel of the shoe. Use super glue or a hot glue gun to secure it in place. 

Removing Discomfort

For removing discomfort from the ball of your foot you can use thick foam from a craft store or fabric store. Which is about 1/4 inch in diameter, or thinner if the shoes are extremely tight already.

Remove the insole from the shoe and trace the top half onto the foam. Cut out the pattern and glue it into the shoe where the ball of your foot sits.


In conclusion, if you want to have good posture while standing all day then these cushions might be just the thing for you. They are very simple to put on and they provide good support in a way that is comfortable. So, above I have provided a detailed way to cushion your shoes.