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Can You Wear Leather Shoes in the Rain?

Leather for footwear is the best material. Whether it be shoes, boots, heels, sneakers, and sandals are perfect if made of leather. By knowing whether you can wear leather shoes in the rain, you will be able to save them from rainwater. So, let’s begin with it.

Can Rain Damage Leather Boots? If Yes, How Much and How?

Can Rain Damage Leather Boots

Leather shoes or boots can get damaged by rain, dirt, and moisture. If you ever wear leather shoes in the rain, the water can get soaked into the leather shoes. As a result, there might be some cracks appearing on the shoes.  

Usually, the leather remains safe. But the laces, soles, and other things often get destroyed by rainwater. For the safety of the leather shoes, you should cover them while walking on the water. Other than that, you can use shoe creams, silicon creams to save them.

Leather shoes, if worn in the rain, can be destroyed due to the watermarks on them. There are chances that the rainwater marks remain on them forever.

Also, it will take a lot of time for you to get rid of them. You can use hot air from the hairdryer to dry your leather shoes. If you don’t, your shoes will probably get ruined due to rainwater.

As leather has a porous nature, it absorbs moisture easily. Therefore, leather shoes, if not properly dried, can rot or become stiff.

How To Choose the Right Pair of Leather Shoes in the Rain? 

Which pair of shoes should be worn in the rain is a question that you must have thought of? Shoes that cannot be ruined by rain are perfect to wear.

Slip-resistant sneakers, flip flops, rain boots, and heeled boots, etc. are perfect for a rainy season. You can also use rubber-soled sandals and waterproof boots. All these footwears are durable and have a pleasing appearance. 

Also, shoes that do not hold water and dry quickly are the best to wear in a rainy season.

What Are A Few Tips to Dry Leather Shoes? Great Advice!

Here are a few tips that will help you in drying your shoes:

  • First of all, remove moisture from the shoes and remove excess water from them.
  • Remove the sole and laces from the shoes.
  • Put some crumbles newspaper in your shoes
  • Now, finally, elevate the hoes and let them dry.

How do take care of leather shoes when they get wet?

Saving your leather shoes from water can be difficult but it is not impossible. The very first thing that you need to do when they get wet is to dry them. You can dry your leather shoes by using a dryer or by using a dry towel. Do not ever give direct heat to your shoes. It will take away the color and can damage them even more. 

After drying, it is necessary to moisturize your leather shoes. The moisturizer that you use can bring back the shine of your leather shoes. Remember to remove the laces of your shoes before drying and moisturizing them. 

2 Ways to Protect Your Leather Shoes from Water

Nothing is better than saving your leather shoes before they get ruined. Here are a few things that you can do for your shoes before going in the rain.

  • Shoe Cover
  • Applying wax

Shoe Cover

The salt stains can permanently destroy your leather shoes. To get rid of them you can use a shoe cover. It will protect them from salt stains as well as water. Also, the shoe cover gives protection from water.

Applying Wax

Applying wax is yet another way to save your shoes. It is essential to clean your shoes before applying wax to them. The wax on leather shoes acts as a barrier to dust and water. There, you can apply it to your leather shoes. Using a brush or cloth will help you in applying it.


I hope, by now you have a clear idea about whether to wear leather shoes in the rain or not. Even if you want to wear them, you can protect them in the easiest possible way.

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