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Are Memory Foam Shoes Good or Bad?

Are memory foam shoes good or bad? A Question that comes in memory foam shoes lover. So, Memory foam is a popular type of foam because of its unique properties and it is the latest trend in footwear. They provide comfortable and good arch support. However, there are mixed reviews about these shoes. Some people show positive effects while others face negative results.

So, there is one way to find out: are memory foam shoes good or bad? This is by reading the article below.

So, let’s get started!!

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a polyurethane material that is treated with different chemicals to make it soft to the touch, compressible, plastic and elastic. 

The foot molds its own contours to the shape of the shoe because of its temperature sensitivity. This gives the shoes a lot of comfort and is very much in demand for those in footwear. 

Is Memory Foam Good for Shoes?

Increase Comfort

Memory foam insoles work as a magic wand to make the shoes comfortable. Footbeds provide cushioning to the parts of your feet. They are designed to take the impression of your foot’s shape and provide cushioning for the entire foot. They are perfect for even distribution of your foot’s weight.

This is especially important when running on harder surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete.

Eases Foot Pain

Memory foam insoles have been researched and found to be effective at relieving foot pain. Some of the main causes of foot pain are wearing uncomfortable shoes and exercising in poorly designed or poorly made shoes. ‘

Their effectiveness can help relieve the pain and pressure caused by bunions, corn, and neuromas.

Increase your Efficiency

Memory foam insoles for shoes can have a huge benefit if you are always on your feet. It makes sense that your productivity increases when you aren’t tired. People who need new insoles should buy these memory foam insoles as it’s a great way to increase the efficiency of everything you do.

Eases pressure on feet

The memory foam mattress relieves the pressure on your feet. It is true that shoes with a hard base cannot absorb the weight and pressure, this may be a starting cause of foot pain. Memory foam helps in absorbing and then releasing that pressure.

Absorbs Heel Shock

Memory foam shoe insoles provide arch support and hence absorb the heel shocks. It also improves stability.

Minimize fatigue

Memory foam replacement insoles make your shoes so comfortable that your feet will not feel tired. You can use memory foam shoes to increase your efficiency at work.

Are Memory Foam Shoes Bad for Your Health?

Since we have discussed some good and beneficial points about memory foam shoes but everything which has its pros also has its cons, here I will discuss whether memory shoes are bad for your health.


In theory, walking and running shoes need to offer as much stability as possible. But that’s not often the case with memory foam sneakers. While performing a run test, it takes only a short time to realize that they offer minimal heel stability, and this can be problematic for people whose heels roll excessively. The same density from the heel to the toe doesn’t give you much stability in the midsole section.

Retains Heat

Perhaps the biggest problem with memory foam shoes is their tendency to retain heat. So while these shoes are light, cushioned, and easy to use, they’re too terrible to use for running due to lack of breathability.

Generate Sweat and Cause Discomfort 

The inability of memory foam shoes to breathe means your feet will sweat, especially if you use them under hot weather. And the more your feet sweat, the more uncomfortable walking or running in these shoes get.

Generate Sweat

With more sweat comes odor. Add to this the fact that too much sweat creates a heat zone that creates a breeding ground for blisters and spots, and memory foam shoes become the most uncomfortable for walking or running.


So, memory foam shoes are good if you are using them on occasional walks, small distance trips etc. But if we use them for trekking or on continuous training then these shoes will disappoint you. So, I hope you get the answer to whether memory foam shoes are good or bad.